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Property Transfers

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Since 1997, more than 1500 law firms have relied on U.S. Deeds to prepare and record out-of-state deeds for their clients.


Because the preparation of out-of-state deeds typically requires large amounts of time locating, hiring and monitoring the deed preparation services of another attorney, in another state, who you may or may not know, whose fees and capabilities may be all over the lot, and for whom your deed is not likely a priority. It means running the risk of receiving incorrectly prepared or recorded documents, being poorly compensated for your time, dealing with the potential of recording or transfer fee miscalculations, or even the possibility of having clients fail to get the needed transfer completed. Further, the process may take forever.

Ultimately, dealing with unknown entities across the 49 other states in which you do not practice law means exposing yourself to liability.

And that’s why, more than 18 years ago, U.S. Deeds was established.

U.S. Deeds offers a single point of contact for property transfers across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, allowing you to protect yourself and your clients by using a licensed attorney in any state. This ensures that every deed is in compliance with state requirements and is accompanied by all required state specific tax forms.

U.S. Deeds also handles the recording of all documents with any of the more than 4,000 jurisdictions throughout the U.S. And we offer deed search services as well!

Your deed is a priority for U.S. Deeds. Deed preparation and recording is all we do.

Our commitment is to get your state-specific deed to you, ready for execution within 14 days of order. We even offer a 48-hour rush service!

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