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Don’t leave the re-titling of your client’s real property up in the air. Instead, make it as simple as possible for your firm and your client. Join over one thousand of your colleagues and create your U.S. Deeds login today!

You know that even the best designed estate plan can be ineffective without the proper re-titling of assets while the client is still able to do so. And upon a death, property must be distributed in accordance with that plan.

But when it comes to real property located outside your normal state of practice, it is a time-consuming challenge to get it done. Do you really want to spend your or your paralegal’s time tracking down an attorney in the state of the property who is willing to just prepare a deed for your client? Is the fee quoted reasonable? How much will they have to charge just to open a file for your client? Does the attorney do enough of this work to be competent and efficient? And how can you expect a simple deed to be a priority for that attorney?

Alternatively, you could simply advise your client to contact an attorney in the state of the property and get a deed prepared in accordance with your directions. But you know the chances are very low that the client will actually follow through, especially without a specific name to call. And if they do, will the client provide the correct name into which the property is to be transferred or have all of the other information necessary? Do you really want to be in the middle of that process, uncompensated for your time?

No searching. No wondering. No wasted time.
U.S. Deeds offers a simpler alternative, whether you want to participate in the process or delegate it solely to your client. U.S. Deeds already has an attorney in the state of your client’s property. And because deed preparation and recording is our only focus, you and your client can rely on the fact that it will be done competently and efficiently.

If you prefer to be involved with the process of ordering, overseeing execution and confirming recording of the deed for your client, as do most U.S. Deeds clients, you or your paralegal can simply sign in at the U.S. Deeds website. You can handle everything online, including the uploading of the prior deed or title policy directly from your files. Tracking of the process is available online as well. In the time it takes to locate a suitable referral attorney for your client, with U.S. Deeds your paralegal can place the order, upload the prior deed to the property and maybe even receive the newly prepared deed ready for execution.

However, if you prefer to stay out of the process, but need to know the deed preparation and recording is being handled properly, just direct your client to the U.S. Deeds website where they can place and track the order online from submission through recording.

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