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Don’t leave the re-titling of your client’s real property up in the air. Instead, make it as simple as possible for your firm and your client. Join over one thousand of your colleagues and create your U.S. Deeds login today!

An agreement has finally been reached or order issued. Some assets will be sold and some assets will need to be re-titled. And some of those assets consist of real estate located in an area where you don’t practice.

When it comes to real property located outside your normal state of practice, most attorneys will simply advise the client to “find a lawyer” in the state of the property to get a deed prepared as the agreement or order directs. But you know the chances are very low that the client will actually follow through, especially without a specific name to contact for the job.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to provide your client with a firm point of contact and know their deed would be prepared competently and efficiently by an attorney in the state of the property? That small loose end would be eliminated, resulting in one less thing for your paralegal and client to worry about. And a more satisfied client can translate into more referrals.

U.S. Deeds offers a more concrete referral alternative for your client’s out-of-state deed preparation. U.S. Deeds already has an attorney in the state of your client’s property. No need for you, your paralegal or your client to search for an attorney who is competent and willing to prepare and record the deed for your client at a reasonable fee. And because deed preparation and recording is our only focus, your client’s deed is a priority, not an annoyance to be handled in and around the demands of a primary practice.

No searching. No wondering. No wasted time.
To delegate the deed task to your client, yet have confidence that deed preparation and recording will be handled properly, simply direct your client to the U.S. Deeds website where they can place and track their deed order online from submission through recording. More importantly, you’ll know the job’s getting done!

Alternatively, you can get the out-of-state deed in time to have it signed in your office along with other documents you have prepared for your client without a lot of hassle or liability. Simply sign in to the U.S. Deeds website and handle everything online, including the uploading of the prior deed or title policy directly from your files. Tracking of the process is available online as well. In the time it takes to locate a suitable referral attorney for your client, with U.S. Deeds your paralegal can place the order, upload the prior deed to the property and maybe even receive the newly prepared deed, ready for execution.

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