Having your deed prepared and recorded through U.S. Deeds is easy and convenient.

  1. Log in at to submit and track your order online. You may complete a paper order form and email it to (please note that online tracking is not available for orders sent via email).
  1. U.S. Deeds will prepare the deed and related state transfer forms and deliver them to you via email.
  1. You have the documents signed and return the originals to us.
  1. We review the signed documents and deliver the originals to the appropriate office for recording either electronically (where available) or by certified mail.
  1. After recording, the county or municipal office returns the original documents directly to you.

It’s that simple!


Deed Preparation & Recording Service

Fees vary by state, with most being $225 per deed. Please call 877-353-3337 or email us for a current price sheet.

Price includes preparation of all necessary transfer documents by a licensed attorney and delivery of the documents for recording. Preparation fees do not include county recording costs.

Any taxes that may be due as a result of a property transfer is the responsibility of the parties to that transfer. Call 877-353-3337 for more information on transfer taxes.


Deed Search

If you are unable to supply a copy of the title policy or the last recorded deed for the property to be transferred, our deed search provider can obtain one for you at a cost of $75 per deed.

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Family Law

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